Lo scienziato borderline

Two victims: Gaza people and honest information


We all know there is an ongoing massacre in Gaza: hundreds of innocent Palestinian, civilians, women, children, and the elderly die in the terrorist bombings by the Israeli avation.

I do not intend to talk about this in detail, you can find honest and crude descriptions in many sites, anywhere but in the mainstream media, of course.

There is another massacre in progress, certainly less bloody but equally – in its scope – serious. The massacre of information. The terrorist bombing of news and distorted headlines that the Italian and western press is performing right now on Gaza.

I put a picture at top of this article, I think that speaks more than a thousand literary articles.

Israel is a political, economic and military pillar of the U.S. and Western Europe in the world. Israel is an ally of Italy, economic and military. Israel buys our weapons and our planes. Obama Nobel Prize stutters embarrassed about the massacre in progress. The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi says “let’s stop the extremists”, a sentence good for any interpretation.

Ergo, the “editorial guidelines” to the mainstream media are obvious. Smuggle “truth” and clichés as follows:

In Gaza a war is going on (it is not, a war is being fought between armies, not the fourth army in the world with bombers and tanks against small guerrilla groups firing rudimentary rockets, immediately intercepted by flak, and you do not fight a war by deliberately bombing homes,  schools, hospitals in which there is no “enemy”)

In Gaza, there is an ongoing fratricidal struggle (not true, the body count is – for now – about 170 casualties and 1100 injuries to zero, then one of the two “brothers” does not die)

Hamas terrorists are the cause of all this, and Israel must defend itself (not true, Israel is carrying out this “policy” for decades before Hamas existed, since 1948, see at the end of the article the history of UN resolutions. We say that the “problem” are the Palestinians then?)

The West wants peace and calls for peace (false, the West thrives on war, its economy is a war economy that thrive on war)

Israel has the right to exist and we must protect it (false. Assuming for convenience the acceptability of the concept of State (this topic would lead out of point), the Israeli people have a right to live in a state – as well as the Palestinian people have the same right – but not in a confessional and racist state, pursuing a terrorist and criminal policy of occupation)

Hamas uses the Palestinian people as a human shield (false, none of the 8-10 members of Hamas that Israel has decided to assassinate is or is said to be inside the hundreds of homes, schools and hospitals were destroyed and bombed)

There is no solution to this conflict if the Palestinians do not stop to be terrorists (false. There is no solution to this massacre and genocide if Israel does not cease to have, in his DNA and in its constitution, and its whole political class, the mission to carry on an occupation with criminal and inhumane methods of territories where other populations live).

The Israeli people and the Palestinian people want peace and believe in peace (false. The Israeli public is largely in favor of the policy of his government, while the Palestinians after 60 years and so many empty “road maps”, no longer believe in peace, they’s focused on survival: if not themselves, at least of their people, for example, by means of a very high birth rate)

The Israelis call each ten minutes before they destroy your home (what a politeness, it is really unbearable the obstinacy with which these women and the elderly are reluctant or not enough quick to abandon in ten minutes their things of a life)

And so on.

Many really gruesome photographs of children and women and elderly people, killed in an inhumane way by the bombing are circulating. We do not publish those here: there are sites where you see them and test them, dozens of them. On social networks, the last line of defense of the ever-present group of “neither-nor”, who do not want to see, and prefer not to see and deal more proficiently the World Cup or the summer that does not arrive, is that these photos are of “bad taste”. “A bad taste,” really, I think is the phrase perfectly suited to define what is going on down there: really bad taste so disturb our Italian summer, our sensitivity, and the World Cup.

On the other hand, you must follow certain trends. Looking abroad, one example for everyone, The New York Times headline his pieces so openly (and trivially) in a partial and misleading way. Then with a click on Google you find out that the journalist “Correspondent in Tel Aviv” is the wife of a public figure in Israel.

The important thing, as always, is to be a peaceful state and raise your children in peace. If you have time and strength please open this link, it is a premiere, since no Italian media has certainly written about it. I recommend viewing that to the mourners on Palestinian children “educated to hate”

What is happening in Gaza and in Palestine since 66 years, is a direct result of imperialism. It is a part of it. Capitalism can only survive in this way: the political and economic engine in the  West is oiled with the blood of these wars. The solution is: a mass rebellion. Otherwise, as mine here, those are just words.

I have always been, by necessity, a scholar of the fascist period and consequently of the Nazi one. It is better to know and understand in order to effectively fight against something. I found and report here two sentences of Joseph Goebbels, the criminal propaganda minister of the Third Reich, responsible among the first of the horrible genocide of the Jews. I do not intend to make improper and anti-historical parallels. But let us consider these sentences and reflect, let’s stop and go down peacefully in the streets to demand an end to all this.

Goebbels (1938): “In almost all German cities synagogues were set on fire. There are various possibilities to use the land on which they stood. Some cities want to build gardens, other ones, homes.”.

Goebbels (1942): “We are giving a punishment to the Jews that is certainly barbaric, but they fully deserved it. In such matters we cannot give way to feelings. If we do not defend ourselves, the Jews would exterminate us. Ours is  struggle for life or death. ”



I conclude with a useful service to journalists. It’s a list of UN resolutions concerning Israel, not very up to date, but who knows, it may be interesting to them. (Thanks to the site of Vik Arrigoni)

– General Assembly resolution 194 (1947): Palestinian refugees have the right to return to their homes in Israel;

– Resolution 106 (1955): Condemns Israel for the attack on Gaza;

– Resolution 111 (1956): condemns Israel for its attack on Syria that killed fifty-six people;

– Resolution 127 (1958): calls on Israel to suspend its area “no man” (anybody) to Jerusalem;

– Resolution 162 (1961): calls on Israel to respect the decisions of the United Nations;

– Resolution 171 (1962) indicates gross violations of international law by Israel in its attack on Syria;

– Resolution 228 (1966): censures Israel for its attack on Samu in the West Bank, then under Jordanian control;

– Resolution 237 (1967): urgently calls on Israel to allow the return of Palestinian refugees;

– Resolution 242 (1967): the Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegal;

– Resolution 248 (1968): condemns Israel for its massive attack on Karameh Jordan;

– Resolution 250 (1968): calls on Israel to refrain from military deployment (parade) in Jerusalem;

– Resolution 251 (1968): Deeply deplores the military deployment (parade) Israeli in Jerusalem in defiance of Resolution 250;

– Resolution 252 (1968): declares invalid Israel’s acts to unify Jerusalem as the capital faces Hebrew;

– Resolution 256 (1968): condemnation of the Israeli raid on the Jordan and flagrant violations of international law;

– Resolution 259 (1968): deplores Israel’s refusal to accept UN mission to assess the occupation of the territories;

– Resolution 262 (1968): condemns Israel for the attack on the airport of Beirut;

– Resolution 265 (1969): condemns Israel for air attacks for Salt in Jordan;

– Resolution 267 (1969): censures Israel for administrative acts which alter the status of Jerusalem;

– Resolution 270 (1969): condemns Israel for air attacks on villages in southern Lebanon;

– Resolution 271 (1969): condemns Israel for the failure to enforce UN resolutions on Jerusalem;

– Resolution 279 (1970): calls for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon;

– Resolution 280 (1970): condemns Israeli attacks against Lebanon;

-Resolution 285 (1970): request for immediate Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon;

– Resolution 298 (1971): deplores the change in the status of Jerusalem by Israel;

– Resolution 313 (1972): calls on Israel to stop attacks against Lebanon;

– Resolution 316 (1972): condemns Israel for repeated attacks on Lebanon;

– Resolution 317 (1972): deplores Israel’s refusal to withdraw from the attack;

– Resolution 332 (1973): condemns Israel’s repeated attacks against Lebanon;

– Resolution 337 (1973): condemns Israel for violating Lebanon’s sovereignty;

– Resolution 347 (1974): condemns Israeli attacks on Lebanon;

– General Assembly resolution 3236 (1974): establishes the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in Palestine to self-determination without external interference, national independence and sovereignty;

– Resolution 425 (1978): calls on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon;

– Resolution 427 (1978): calls on Israel to complete its withdrawal from Lebanon;

– Resolution 444 (1979): Regrets the lack of cooperation with UN peacekeeping forces by Israel;

– Resolution 446 (1979): determines that Israeli settlements are a major obstacle to peace and calls on Israel to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention;

– Resolution 450 (1979): calls on Israel to stop attacking Lebanon;

– Resolution 452 (1979): calls on Israel to cease building settlements in the occupied territories;

– Resolution 465 (1980): deplores Israel’s settlements and asks all member states not to give assistance to the settlements in the program;

– Resolution 467 (1980): strongly deplores Israel’s military intervention in Lebanon;

– Resolution 468 (1980): calls on Israel to cancel the illegal expulsions of two Palestinian mayors and a judge and to facilitate their return;

– Resolution 469 (1980): Strongly deplores the failure by the order of the Board of Israel not to deport Palestinians;

– Resolution 471 (1980): Expresses deep concern at the lack of respect for the Fourth Geneva Convention by Israel;

– Resolution 476 (1980): repeats the request of Jerusalem by Israel is nothing;

– Resolution 478 (1980): censures Israel, in the strongest terms, to put its claim to Jerusalem in its Basic Law;

– Resolution 484 (1980): declares it imperative that Israel release the two deported Palestinian mayors;

– Resolution 487 (1981): strongly condemns Israel for its attack on the plant for the production of nuclear power in Iraq;

– Resolution 497 (1981): declares that Israel’s annexation of the Syrian Golan is null and demands that Israel withdraw forthwith its decision;

– Resolution 498 (1981): calls on Israel to withdraw from Lebanon;

– Resolution 501 (1982): calls on Israel to stop attacks against Lebanon and withdraw its troops;

– Resolution 509 (1982): calls on Israel to immediately and unconditionally withdraw its forces from Lebanon;

– Resolution 515 (1982): calls on Israel to end the siege of Beirut and allow the entry of food supplies;

– Resolution 517 (1982): censure Israel for failing to obey UN resolutions and demands to withdraw its forces from Lebanon;

– Resolution 518 (1982): demands that Israel cooperate fully with UN forces in Lebanon;

– Resolution 520 (1982): condemns Israel’s attack into West Beirut;

– Resolution 573 (1985): Strongly condemns Israel for bombing Tunisia in attack on PLO headquarters;

– Resolution 587 (1986): Notes of the previous request on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon and urges all parties to withdraw;

– Resolution 592 (1986): strongly deplores the killing of Palestinian students at Bir Zeit University by Israeli troops;

– Resolution 605 (1987): strongly deplores Israel’s policies and practices denying the human rights of Palestinians;

– Resolution 607 (1988): calls on Israel not to deport Palestinians and abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention;

– Resolution 608 (1988): deeply regrets that Israel has defied the United Nations and deported Palestinian civilians;

– Resolution 636 (1989): deeply regrets the deportation of Palestinian civilians by Israel;

– Resolution 641 (1989): Israel continues to regret the deportation of Palestinians;

– Resolution 672 (1990): condemns Israel for violence against Palestinians at the Haram Al-Sharif/Temple Monte;

– Resolution 673 (1990): deplores Israel’s refusal to cooperate with the United Nations;

– Resolution 681 (1990): deplores Israel’s resumption of the deportation of Palestinians;

– Resolution 694 (1991): Regrets of the deportation of Palestinians and calls on Israel to ensure their safe and immediate return;

– Resolution 726 (1992): Strongly condemns the deportation of Palestinians by Israel;

– Resolution 799 (1992): Strongly condemns the deportation of 413 Palestinians and calls for their immediate return to Israel;

– Resolution 1397 (2002): affirming a vision of a region where two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side within secure and recognized borders;

– The General Assembly resolution ES-10/15 (2004) states that the wall built inside the occupied territories is contrary to international law and calls on Israel to tear it down.