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MP3: rockin’ in the UK


MP3, namely Marcos Power Trio. The Italian rock and blues trio from Torino, they’ll be rocking in the UK soon.

Torino, north-western Italy, might be famous, or unfamous, due to some local brands: Winter Olympic Games in 2006, the Juventus football team now playing Barcelona for Champions League final in Berlin, and the Holy Shroud where Jesus rested before resurrection (so they say…) that is now shown right in the central church of the Italian town in Piemonte, Italy.

However I – and  many other guys, kids and music fans like me in Piemonte – are now happy that the Torino Beat will be heard abroad, in England and Wales, during the UK tour of our good old guys MP3.

You maybe don’t know them well: but you should, and you will. MP3 is the rock&blues supersonic lead guitar by Marco “Marcos” Roagna, the best one available, believe me brothers and sisters, in the western Alps. I heard him playing since some years, and never had the good chance to see him without his Stetson hat, and I never managed to hear him miss one single chord, even when he’s producing them about a million per second.

Fabrizio Coenda plays bass, and being a friend of him I will not say any harsh word about the hat he wears on stage sometimes: go and see to check the horror. But check also, while there, on his fast fingers on that bass, that look precisely connected to those of Marcos. Check for his standing still and proud on stage, not hiding himself like sometimes bass players do. When I met him for the first time, I asked: “Who’s playing rhythm guitar, Fabrizio?”. He smiled somehow and told me they did not need it. When I heard them playing, I saw what he meant.

The MP3 are “Power”, however, due to the presence of drummer Gianni “Joe Roma” Romagnolo, which turn them – apparently soooo natural – into just a Power Station; This man produces a thousand beats for every word he says, seriously sweating out like those who know when quantity and quality is high enough to make any clownish supplement just unnecessary. Do you remember the serious Pete Best, the first Beatles drummer?  Well, a Pete Best that knows how to play drums, that’s Joe Roma.

The 12Bar Club in London, the first gig on May 18th,  it’s not a debut in a cave (we’d say a bocciofila, in italian…), but in a quite important place for british rock: keep calm, and bottoms up, guys!

MP3, Marcos Power Trio, just on leave for the UK tour.

MP3, Marcos Power Trio, just on leave for the UK tour.

Just a preview of their music: SHOWCASE. And that’s it. You’d buy that, Briton friends.

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