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In Conversation with DJ CASH (NYC)

DJ CASH is… Fuck this intro. Checkitout!

DJ CASH, how old were you when you started DJing?

I started djing at 15 years old, spending time learning about different genres of music and different ways of putting them together. I spent most of my years in New York City, but also spent a lot of time in Italy, so I was subjected to various forms of music; rock, rap, techno, house, jazz, funk & soul, and motown. When I was 17 years old I started djing professionally in some of New York’s hottest nightclubs, and that started my on going “love story” with DJing.

What does REAL IZZY GOLD mean?

Izzy Gold was an alias I used to use from 2006-2008/9. I had developed a clothing brand under the same name, recorded music under the name, and it was also my DJ name until two of my business partners decided to attempt to take it from me, so it became a big scandal and a very long and expensive law suit for me to take the name back, even though at this point I use the name CASH, one day I’ll bring Izzy Gold back from the dead.

Rock n’ roll, electro, house, funk, hip-hop. What kind of music do you like? Who’s one of your icon?

Personally I am a rocker. I have always had such a passion for rock n roll, ever since I was a 5 year old watching bands like Guns N’ Roses on Mtv. I would say one of my favorite modern day Rock icons is Jack White. I have seen him perform live several times and that dude rocks so hard, such a brilliant musician!!!

Let’s talk about what you’ve been doing in the last couple of years.

Basically DJing and traveling… The last couple of years have been insane for me. I have literally been on airplanes almost every 3 weeks/month going to a different places. Traveling between New York, LA, MIAMI, ITALY, PARIS, Monaco, it has really been a lot of fun playing music all over the world!

What kind of things are inspiring your art at the moment?

Traveling to different places and my music friends influence me a lot. Last May I spent a month in the South of France hanging with my dear friend Julian Lennon. There I spent a few weeks in his recording studio working with his brilliant producer Grant Ransome on a remix for Julian’s new album Everything Changes, that was a truly amazing experience. Also I have to give credit to many of the Electric Room DJs that I work with such as David Katz, Vikas Sapra, Kieren Taylor & Max Pask. These guys are great, amazing people and amazing DJs, always on top of great new music and remixes. One of my biggest influencers this year has been New York nightlife Guru and Electric Room owner, Nur Khan. We have worked a lot together doing several film premier and magazine events and we also do DJ together for specific events (CASH x KHAN Sessions), which is really awesome! My brother Michele and sister, Cristina have always been major influencers in my life, we all work together quite often whether its during film festivals or music festivals.

Have you ever composed political music?

I think politics in America, just like the rest of the world is very unstable. The world economy is in such a horrific state of being, rather depressing to think so much about it, so I try not to. I used to be very political with my artwork, but now I barely let politics enter into my art.

What album best represents your life?

Jack White: Blunderbuss. Such a rocker album, one of the best I’ve heard in years!

Why ‘CASH is KING’? How did you get the name DJ CASH?

About four years ago I was at Jimmyz in Monte Carlo and this woman comes up to me. She was one of the most beautiful women I had seen, I was wearing a t-shirt that said CASH. She said “hey Cash, u want me? “ I said ummm yes… she goes “ok 500 euro”, I jokingly responded, no its 10,000 euro to book me. Confused she replies “no, 500 euro only”, obviously she didn’t understand that I was messing with her, so I replied, ok you give me 9,500 euro and we’ll get out of here…. She, plainly said, “FUCK YOU CASH!!”. My friend, after overhearing the dialogue was hysterically laughing and was like, looks like you got your new name… This name worked out for me very well when I returned to NY, people would ask me who to make the check out to and I would simple say, CASH!

Sea, Sex and Sun: a lifestyle?

Yes for sure! That’s a total lifestyle, it’s my lifestyle. I find that my last few years work always seems to take me to warmer climates whenever New York is getting cold, I spend a lot of time by the sea, having sex under the sun… HaHa!

Michelle Rodriguez, Julian Lennon, Johnny Depp… How is the world of celebrities connected to music?

Majorly! Celebrities are major influencers in music fashion and energy and vice versa. Johnny Depp for example has impeccable style and also he seems to embody rock n roll.

Do you have a clothing brand?

I do! It’s called CASH NYC. It’s a very basic now, just making t-shirts and hats at the moment and only selling to hip boutique clothing stores like Blue&Cream in NYC and the Hamptons, but this year I plan on expanding.

From L.A. to Aspen, how did you organize events for Prince, Stevie Wonder and Lenny Kravitz?

I didn’t organize the events, I was just lucky enough to be booked for the events, which by the way were some of the most epic nights I have played!

What do you think of contemporary music?

Some of it is great, and a lot of it isn’t so amazing, to be honest I have been rather frustrated by a lot of music that has been coming out this year, except maybe for the latest albums from Daft Punk, Tame Impala, Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar, which I love. I must say I am extremely excited for Foster The People’s new album to come out later this year. Mark Foster is a close friend of mine and I got to hear one of the tracks he was working on and I was blown away, its so good!!!
It has tremendous relevance because daily I search for great new music to incorporate into my DJ sets, if there is a month where nothing to my liking comes out, it makes my job a bit difficult.

What do you use to produce your music these days?

I use logic Pro and mostly work out of friend’s recording studios.

Are you working on something new, like a record shop or a club all yours? A musical, maybe?

Nothing like that, I travel too much to open up a night club and I think music stores are very passé with music so readily available on the internet, but I am writing and recording my first rock album that I sing on!! I have already recorded 2 songs, and written another 3, but it’s been hard finding time to get into the studio, hopefully I can finish it with the next few months.

Let me ask about the title of the album, Rocked and Loaded. What was your thinking behind the themes of the album?

Rocked & Loaded was an insane double album I recorded last year. I wanted to make a crazy 80 minute rock n roll album, I had never recorded a full rock album so this was a real challenge for me, usually I mix different genres when I dj, which is what Loaded became. Loaded was literally “loaded” with different types of music – rap, house, regaee, rock, and mash-ups… so together like a locked and loaded gun, I decided to name the album ROCKED & LOADED.

Is there a book that influenced your way of living music?

Perhaps On the Road by Jack Kerouac and also LIFE by Keith Richards. But it has truly been my life which has influenced my way of living music.

How does music change? Overall are you positive or negative?

We are moving into a very interesting time in music, it is in essence the era of The DJ. Many DJs are making music because of the mass advancements and accessibility with technology. Im happy about that in many ways, but I love watching live performances with instruments, nothing like going to a live rock show and seeing a full band that is so tight on stage.